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Dental Technology Alexandria VA

The Laser Scanner Detects Cavities Earlier

Laser DentistryX-rays do not always show a cavity in its beginning stages. If you have experienced going to a dentist at a six-month interval and find that you have a very large cavity all of a sudden, do you wonder how it became so large in such a short period of time?

The answer is that it was there months before, but it was not detected with visual examination or an X-ray. We use the Laser Scanner, which detects cavities when they are still very small. It also helps to accurately diagnose the source of pain or sensitivity. Once identified, we can remove the minimal amount of decay and put in a small, unnoticeable filling.

Technology Lets You See For Yourself

It is our goal to work together with you as part of the decision-making process. With the intra-oral camera, you can see what teeth have problems and will need work. This device is a miniature video camera that provides a clear image of teeth and gums. It gives you the information you need to make a suitable decision for dental work.

Feel Relaxed During Treatment

We offer our patients a relaxation system that contains no narcotics and is completely natural. NuCalm™ relaxes a patient all through a treatment and actually lets you feel rejuvenated and energetic afterwards. No side effects or adverse reactions have ever been reported in the 37,000 patients who have elected to have this option. Ask us if NuCalm will be the right choice for you.

No Shots or Drilling?

That’s right! For mava procedures, shots or drilling are no longer necessary. They have been replaced by one of the most amazing advancements in dentistry. With air abrasion, decay is gently misted away with tiva particles and air. There are no vibrations or sounds, and no pain, even without anesthesia.

Wonder How Your New Smile Will Look?

With cosmetic imaging, you can see your new image in advance! With computer technology, we can reshape gums, replace teeth, and whiten or straighten teeth. You will be very excited to see the changes that will take place before you begin your treatment.

Less Time and Less Radiation

Dental Technology Alexandria VAWe use only digital X-rays, which are available immediately for inspection. We simply place a digital sensor in your mouth that provides an image of your teeth without ava waiting. There are no chemicals used in this quick and efficient method, and equally as important, there is a 75% reduction in radiation. Another amazing technology, panoramic digital imaging, allows us to see your entire upper and lower jaw in one shot.

Sterilization of Tools

We want you to know we never take ava chances when it comes to your health and safety. With re-useable tools, we sterilize them after each use in an autoclave. This is a specially designed unit monitored by an outside lab to ensure total cleanliness is provided after each use. We also use disposable tools that are discarded after one use.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (703)820-0809.

Dental Technology Alexandria VA




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