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What is ‘Oral Posture,’ and How Does It Affect a Child’s Facial Development?

Biobloc Orthotropics in Alexandria, VA
BioBloc Orthotropics Alexandria VA – Have you ever seen children with faces like these? Their recessed chins, narrow faces, and unnatural nose protrusion are obvious. As the children grow, these conditions will only worsen and be more pronounced. In addition to the cosmetic appearance, there is a very good chance of development of…

  • Restricted airways
  • Sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Other breathing difficulties

Their teeth may grow in crooked and twisted, with jaw joint disorders that create pain for their entire lives. All these conditions stem from incorrect oral posture that is not treated in their early years of development.

What Exactly is Correct Oral Posture?

During a resting position (when the child is not eating, drinking, or speaking):

  • Are the teeth together?
  • Are the lips together?
  • Is the tongue on the roof of the mouth?

Answers to these questions will determine the state of oral posture. Without proper oral posture, the face won’t grow correctly, and the child will be at risk for all the conditions described above. In addition, ava attempt at traditional tooth straightening will be less stable.

What is ‘Airway Health,’ and What Does It Have to Do With Your Child’s Health and Appearance?

Blocked or restricted airways can cause a long list of problems for both children and adults. Proper growth is adversely affected when the body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs.

Conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea, heavy snoring, crooked teeth, and abnormal facial symmetry are just some of the maladies that can result from poor airway health. Airway health is directly related to how the face grows. Facial symmetry and growth are influenced by genetics and tongue position.

Favorable growth patterns are considered more horizontal than vertical growth. Vertical growth results in elongation of the face, tooth crowding, narrowing of the palate, recessed chins, increase in airway restrictions, and other conditions.

Removing Tonsils and Adenoids is Not Always the Solution

Mava times enlarged tonsils seem to be the cause of airway restrictions and abnormal growth. For mava years the first line of defense was to remove enlarged tonsils and adenoids to help children breathe better. However, this treatment alone does not improve oral posture, allowing undesired facial growth to continue. In fact, studies have shown that over time, tonsil and adenoid removal alone only helps a small percentage of children with breathing disorders.

How Does Biobloc Orthotropics™ Work to Correct These Problems?

Biobloc Orthotropics helps the face grow to its genetic potential by eliminating growth restrictions caused by poor oral posture. It allows both jaws to develop correctly in a forward and horizontal direction. When this happens, the base of the tongue comes forward with the face, which moves it out of the airway space to allow more air flow from the nose to the lungs.

A 2007 study demonstrated Biobloc Orthotropics can improve airway volume by 30%. Currently, Biobloc Orthotropics is the only known method to increase the opening of the airway for easier breathing and proper growth.

What Exactly is the Biobloc Orthotropics Procedure?

Dental retainers Alexandria VABiobloc Orthotropics uses a series of retainers to guide the growth of the jaws to a more forward position. You can see in these before-and-after photos how the face and lips are fuller and the lower jaw is no longer recessed. The oral appliances are comfortable to wear and are not visible, making treatment easier for the patient.

Biobloc Orthotropics works best in children between ages 5 and 8, when the jaw grows and forms the most. Treatment time varies depending on the child’s age and severity of the condition.

The end goal of treatment is to improve oral posture, increase favorable and more aesthetic facial growth, and improve airway volume. Biobloc Orthotropics has been shown to improve facial and airway growth using conservative oral appliances.

Download Our Presentation: “Why We Extract Baby Teeth with Biobloc Treatment”

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To learn more, and to find out if your child is a candidate for Biobloc Orthotropics, contact our office at (703) 820-0809 to arrange a consultation.

Biobloc Orthotropics Alexandria VA




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